The recent Twitter ‘hack’ targeting numerous luminaries likely played a part in the removal of Brad Parscale as President Trump’s campaign manager.

Parscale is known as a data expert, particularly in the realm of social media, but the severity of this Twitter ‘hack,’ in which Bitcoin scam tweets were simultaneously sent out from the Twitter accounts of several dignitaries, underscores the weakness of the Trump campaign relying too much on social media which Parscale was heavily pushing.

Case in point, one of the most interesting aspects of the Twitter ‘hack’ was the emergence of screenshots purported to be Twitter’s internal user management panel that gives employees God-like control over user accounts.

“Techies believe that the tool is used to alter ownership of accounts, yet was used by the hackers to gain control of high-profile accounts,” Steve Watson reported. “The screenshot shows tabs labeled ‘SEARCH BLACKLIST’ and ‘TRENDS BLACKLIST.'”

“Conservatives are convinced that this could be evidence that Twitter does indeed have tools to censor what tweets and topics can be accessed through searches and what tweets appear as trends.”

If true, the control panel shows how user accounts, including that of President Trump and his campaign, can be managed and even manipulated by a hacker or a conspirator inside Twitter – and it makes one wonder if Parscale’s social media ads he bought over the past several months were suppressed by the click of a control panel button.

In short, Parscale wants to fight for Trump’s re-election on social media, but Trump’s enemies control most of the major platforms, and as Gen. George S. Patton once said, “never let the enemy pick the battle site.”

Big Tech is well aware of how social media helped Trump win the 2016 election, and they won’t allow it again in 2020.

The Twitter ‘hack’ – and perhaps even the ‘control panel’ screenshots – likely convinced Trump that Parscale was too limited in scope for a 2020 re-election campaign that will have to evolve to face the challenges which weren’t present in 2016.

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