Matthew Boyle
November 30, 2013

After House Speaker John Boehner promised the American people there would be no conference committee on the Senate “Gang of Eight” immigration bill, The Atlantic’s Molly Ball is out with a new report detailing how amnesty supporters are cooking up a scheme for revenge.

“For the broad, well-organized coalition of immigration-reform activists, [Boehner’s] statement was a stunning blow,” Ball wrote. “If Boehner keeps that pledge, he will have rendered moot the months of wheeling and dealing it took to get a massive, bipartisan bill through the Senate in June, forcing the upper chamber to start from scratch even if the House manages to get its act together and pass its own bill or group of bills—a prospect that appears increasingly unlikely.”

Ball noted that just hours before Boehner made the promise he would not resurrect the Gang of Eight bill via conference, he had been ambushed by immigration activists pushing him to grant amnesty. In that exchange, Ball said Boehner “made encouraging noises” but later in the day “pour[ed] cold water on immigration’s legislative prospects.” She wrote this “neatly summarized the plight of the reformers, many of whom are coming to grips with the possibility that their efforts, despite politicians’ apparent receptiveness, have come to naught.”

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