Despite a sudden massive surge of cases of the Coronavirus in Italy over the weekend, a former minister is pushing his party to open the border to mass migration from Africa.

Former Italian interior minister Marco Minniti, a current MP for the left-wing Democratic Party who form the country’s coalition government, has suggested the party continue the process of scrapping the migration decrees enacted by populist former Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, Il Giornale reports.

Minniti said the government needs to open more legal pathways for migrants saying, “Those decrees must be profoundly changed because they have created the conditions for profound insecurity. The road is obligatory: we must return to widespread welcoming and restore humanitarian protection.”

The Salvini migration and security decrees scrapped the humanitarian protectionresidency permit in 2018, a permit granted to those who did not qualify for asylum but were nevertheless allowed to stay in the country under humanitarian reasons anyway.

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