Scott Lazarowitz
October 15, 2011

If these talk radio shows I listen to are indicative of the American population in general, and Republicans and conservatives in particular, then, stop the world, I’m getting off. The statists among the Republican field of presidential candidates propose to change things a little bit here and there, but in them and their supporters there is a severe psychological denial and stubborn refusal to recognize that the entire system of central planning in Washington needs to go. It is inherently flawed.

The deniers and fantasizers are saying that, as long as anyone but Barack Obama is elected in 2012, then things will get better. No, they won’t. Many people are fixated on making sure that the Republicans choose someone who is “electable,” and they actually think that the Teflon Guy, Mitt Romney, is that candidate. However, one talk show caller to the Howie Carr show in Boston this week had it right: Romney will be just like McCain was in 2008, handing the election over to Obama on a silver platter.

But, even if Romney does get elected, and given that many of these pundits and political junkies are statists and think only in the short term, they never seem to be considering what happens after Romney’s inauguration. Will he do anything about the Federal Reserve, or Wall Street? Or stop the murderous warmongering? Nope. These statist candidates who love their central planning bureaucracies will not change a thing in Washington, even though it is those very central planning bureaucracies, especially the Fed and the national security-military complex, that have been destroying America.

On one of those annoying radio talk shows this week, conservative talk host Michael Graham took a call from someone in favor of ending the Federal Reserve “monstrosity,” and Graham’s reply was something like, “oh, and instead give Congress control over our money,” and so forth. But did Graham allow the caller to respond, possibly suggesting another alternative, such as having a free market in money with competitive currencies? Nope. Graham just concluded the conversation and took another call.

And talk host Howie Carr had a caller who disliked Romney and said he was between Herman Cain and Ron Paul. Carr seemed to agree with some of the caller’s positive comments about Paul, “except that Paul is crazy,” and “says crazy things.” Yeah, like closing down the Federal Reserve and allowing the people to have their freedom once again, and ending the police state and ending the warmongering that does nothing but provoke foreign people to act against us. Crazy, man. Ending those things is crazy. Keeping the status quo of statism is sane and reasonable. Welcome to 1984.

And, when political consultant Frank Luntz was interviewed by Sean Hannity, Luntz accused the media of trying to cause Romney, Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry to attack (and thus destroy) each other. Yeah, so? Is there something wrong with that? Please let the statist warmongers destroy each other, before they destroy us!

Meanwhile, over at the White House, Barry and Evita are working feverishly on their invitations for Inauguration Day, 2013.

Incidentally, Howie Carr is the one who wrote two books on organized crime mobsters, one on the notorious “Whitey” Bulger and one on Bulger’s hit man, Johnny Martorano. Perhaps Carr should consider writing a book on the criminal Wall Street and government gangsters, and how they embezzle the people’s hard-earned wealth through the Fed and banking cartel.

I honestly don’t know why I continue to listen to these radio talk shows. While some of these talk hosts are willing to point out Romney’s flaws, in hearing many of their callers, however, one would have to conclude that Romney literally bathes in Teflon. During the 1980s, with one scandal after another, and because nothing stuck to Ronald Reagan, President Reagan was known as the “Teflon President.” But he had nothing on Mitt Romney.

Even the terribly negative economic effects of Romney’s socialist and fascist medical plan in Massachusetts do not seem to influence voters. People don’t seem to care that, as governor, Romney was a champion of Big Government. And is it really that easy for people to forget Romney’s publicly expressed affection for the late Sen. Ted Kennedy when Romney signed the RomneyCare atrocity into law? And Romney’s snubbing of a medical patient in a wheelchair, when the patient asked if Romney would have him and his doctor arrested for using medical marijuana. Yes, Romney wants to make sure the patient is insured, and then he can arrest him.

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Frankly, when I see a politician who exhibits the kind of carnival barker-like gestures that Romney does, I feel afraid, very afraid. But because he is made with Teflon, nothing sticks. Right behind Romney in Teflon content is Texas Gov. Rick Perry. Oh, well.

I think that, thanks to government-controlled American schooling, many Americans are in denial about how broken and unfixable our current federal, statist system of central planning is. They are in denial of the truth that our government’s foreign policy has been invasive of other peoples, and that such an interventionist policy is immoral. But when people hear those criticisms of our government, as Future of Freedom Foundation President Jacob Hornberger noted, so many people confuse the government (filled to the rim with corruption and imbecilic bureaucrats) with the actual country, America. During the 2008 presidential campaign, many people perceived Ron Paul as “blaming America” for terrorism and 9/11, when Paul was actually blaming the government’s counter-productive, interventionist foreign policy.

But on the talk radio shows and the TV pundit shows, so many people continue to shrug off Ron Paul and his support of freedom and individual rights, and the sanctity of voluntary contracts, private property and the rule of law. It’s as though the deniers are afraid of Paul’s views, as though they fear freedom and personal responsibility, and that such fears are why they don’t seem to want to consider Paul’s candidacy.

But in the event that Ron Paul does not win the Republican nomination for president, I strongly suggest that he leave the Republicrat Party for good and run as a third party Independent. Some people fear that such a move will siphon votes away from the Republican nominee and ensure an Obama reelection, even though a Romney nomination is what will ensure an Obama reelection. But others believe that a Ron Paul third-party candidacy will siphon anti-war, pro-civil liberties votes away from Obama. The best thing such a move would do is it would bother the hell out of those conservative radio talk hosts, especially Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin. Just that in and of itself would make a Ron Paul-third party run simply delightful.

However, in the end, it doesn’t matter who is elected in 2012, because the whole system of central planning is inherently flawed, and it can’t be reformed. I’m sure that Ron Paul disagrees with me on that, but the idea of “limited government” is impossible. Central planning doesn’t work in money and banking, immigration, and certainly not in national security.

America needs to get rid of the one thing that has been the biggest cause of America’s destruction, the federal government. The country needs to decentralize, states need to secede and become fully independent and sovereign, just like the Soviet Union did, and the functions of money and security especially need to be de-monopolized away from government control. Have Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity ever even considered such ideas? Or are such ideas just too “crazy” to be considered?

But the bottom line for me is this: I’ve got to stop listening to those annoying talk radio shows!

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