Hypothetically speaking, China and the United States elevate tensions in the South China Sea.

Iran, North Korea and the globalist combine become a modern-day axis of evil, and now everything made in China is either under embargo or severely limited.

Just how deep of a whole have we dug when it comes to the supply of necessities we need to survive?

Most people don’t realize that as much as ninety percent of the medicine they use comes from China, where pharmaceutical companies avoid US regulations and benefit from lower production costs.

China is the world’s largest producer of acetaminophen, commonly used in Benadryl, Sudafed, and Theraflu to name a few.

China is also the world’s largest producer of Vitamin C, exporting an annual production of over 100,000 tons.

How did America fall into such a deep decline?

We can thank the Rockefellers.

John D. Rockefeller upended our healthcare system in the early 20th Century.

The discovery of petrochemicals led to the vilification of natural, nutritional and holistic medicine in order to establish a pharmaceutical Goliath shelling out patented synthetics that only treated symptoms rather than offering cures while increasing the scope of the Rockefeller’s monopolies.

Years later, David Rockefeller and his globalist cronies saw to the exportation of the industry, leaving Americans defenseless in a time of crisis.

And today, Bill Gates is using the old John D. Rockefeller method of problem-reaction-solution to con the American citizen into accepting a chip to monitor manufactured antibodies under a Microsoft, 5G, big brother technocracy.

This is how the globalists intend on achieving total control of the population.

It should have been a wake up call as iconic American brands like Levi’s, Radio Flyer and even G.I. Joe were all made in China. While the Economic downturn caused by the Chinese Coronavirus may mean the end for American retailers like JC Penney, The Gap, and Old Navy. Perhaps a Chinese embargo would finally wake average Americans from their tv zombie slumber. Because we don’t make televisions in the United States anymore either.

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