A lab being used by the NFL to conduct COVID-19 tests for eleven teams has announced the latest batch of positive tests, 77 total players, turned out to be “most likely false-positive results.”

“On August 22, BioReference Laboratories reported an elevated number of positive COVID-19 PCR test results for NFL players and personnel at multiple clubs,” a statement by the lab explained. “The NFL immediately took necessary actions to ensure the safety of the players and personnel. Our investigation indicated that these were most likely false-positive results, caused by an isolated contamination during test preparation in the New Jersey laboratory.

The lab’s statement continued, “Reagents, analyzers and staff were all ruled out as possible causes and subsequent testing has indicated that the issue has been resolved. All individuals impacted have been confirmed negative and informed.”

This isn’t the first scare in the league, as Infowars covered earlier this month, Detroit Lions Quarterback Matthew Stafford missed three days of practice after being falsely labeled COVID-positive.

What if a “positive” test result comes back on game day and a major player is held out of a game only to find out the test was a false-positive?

Even more importantly, and much bigger than football, how many Americans are being counted as “COVID-positive” after receiving test results that are actually incorrect?

If the nation’s biggest sports league using one of the top labs in the country can be hit with a 100% failure rate, what could the false-positive rate be nationwide?

BioReference Laboratories is one of six labs the NFL is using and none of the other labs saw an increase in “positive” tests.

Over the past few weeks, the NFL has conducted an estimated 150,000 tests and, as of now, less than ten players are currently on the COVID-19 list.

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