Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tweeted yet another complete lie by claiming that Fox News host Laura Ingraham had accused her of “doing the Latina thing” by saying her own name with an accent when Ingraham said no such thing.

If by ‘the Latina thing,’ she means I actually do the work instead of just talk about it, then yeah, I’m doing ‘the Latina thing,’” tweeted Cortez.

“Unless of course she‘s talking about being multilingual, which we know isn’t a ‘Latina thing.’ It’s a ‘21st century’ thing,” she added, suggesting there was a racist dimension to the attack.

Except that it wasn’t an attack at all – Ingraham said she thought the way Cortez said her own name was “nice” and the claim that AOC was “doing the Latina thing” was said by her guest, Joe Digenova.

When watching the clip, it immediately becomes clear that the discussion is not some kind of bigoted attack on Cortez.

The Congresswoman clearly read and believed the biased Yahoo News/Huffington Post article she linked to which claimed that Ingraham and her guest “mocked” her.

If she had actually taken the time to watch the video clip instead of rushing to virtue signal about it, maybe Cortez wouldn’t have ended up looking so ridiculous.

Despite the tweet being completely erroneous, it hasn’t been deleted and has racked up a whopping 108,000 likes and over 19,000 retweets.


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