Right on schedule, the art of the sheeple surfaces

Alex Jones
May 6, 2013

Art featured in the May issue of Infowars Magazine. Click to see larger version.

The LA Times and many other globalist propaganda organs were quick to demonize anyone that dared investigate the official story put out by the feds concerning the Boston Marathon Bombing tragedy. However, even the most politically unaware citizens were shocked when, during a news conference, the FBI instructed the American people that they should only look at the information and photos put out by the Bureau.

One tactic used by establishment propagandists is the “straw man,” and we see this tactic at work when the LA Times wrote in its editorial cartoon and article, shown here, that I was making claims that I had never actually made. One example is their gross misrepresentation of what I said regarding the Navy SEALs. They claimed that I reported the Navy SEALs were the ones who carried out the bombing, when in truth I simply pointed out that undercover personnel taking part in a drill resembled military contractors and Navy SEALs. Further, the absurd editorial cartoon depicted that I believe flying monkeys were also sent by Obama as part of the attack.

One should also take note that the Nazi propagandists were obsessed with depicting their enemies as rats, so the LA Times is in fitting company. The sad truth is that our governments have been caught over and over again staging and provocateuring terror attacks.

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