Over 90 illegal immigrants were caught entering The United States near Sunland Park, New Mexico Wednesday night and an American patriot livestreamed the entire encounter.

Facebook user Conservative Anthony filmed as he chased down a large group of mostly men who ran across the border into America.

This comes just one day after a group of 300 illegals was turned over to Border Patrol by a group of New Mexico patriots known as “United Constitutional Patriots” patrolling the exact same area.

The group has reportedly been apprehending 1,000 border crossers each day over the last 65 days.

The massive surge of illegal immigrants crossing the border is part of a United Nations operation meant to destabilize America by opening up large migration routes from the third-world into the country.

The UN has already been caught assisting migrant caravans heading toward America.

Liberal billionaire George Soros is also largely involved in the globalist plot to flood The United States with illegal immigrants as exposed in the video below:

Infowars reporter Greg Reese exposed the UN’s plan for replacement migration in the following report:

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