It was their white-nationalist hobby that cost them their jobs.

On Friday, Wayne Brown and Josh Doggrell, police lieutenants in Anniston, Alabama, were forced to leave the department after a blog post by the Southern Poverty Law Center revealed that the two men belonged to a white-supremacist “Southern independence” organization. Anniston officials held a press conference to announce that Doggrell had been fired, and that Brown would retire.

Last Wednesday, the SPLC blog “Hatewatch” posted video of Doggrell delivering a speech at a conference for the League of the South—a neo-Confederate group—in 2013, during which he addressed gun rights and his love for the League. (Doggrell mentions that Brown is in the audience.) “It’s always wonderful to go back and show my bosses all the radicals that I cavort with on the weekends,” Doggrell says in the video.


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