Acclaimed Hollywood actor Robert Duvall has hinted he may be voting Libertarian in the next presidential election, specifically noting he could possibly back Kentucky Senator Rand Paul.

Appearing on the Howard Stern radio show Tuesday, the famed Godfather star revealed he is leaning libertarian for the upcoming 2016 election, and outright rejected the democrat establishment and its darling Hillary Clinton.

Election discussion starts around 6:48.

“What are you gonna do with the big election coming up?” Stern asked Duvall, changing subjects from Caitlyn Jenner to politics. “Are you going to vote for Hillary Clinton?”

“Probably not,” the Oscar-award winning Duvall responded, adding “I like… probably Libertarian.”

“Who do you like? Uh, uh… Rand Paul?” probed Stern.

“Maybe, but somebody else maybe,” Duvall said. “Probably libertarian, somebody that’s not even up.”

After Stern admitted he would probably be voting for Hillary Clinton, Duvall got up out of his chair and pretended to leave.

“Nah I’ll probably vote Libertarian… I’ll look around. I can’t go that way.”

The 82-year-old actor’s comments indicate he’s shifted political ideologies since endorsing Mitt Romney for president in 2012.

Duvall’s remarks also follow conservative libertarian-oriented comments from fellow actor Vince Vaughn, who earlier this week made headlines when he publicly voiced strong support of the Second Amendment and gun rights.

According to former Saturday Night Live cast member Victoria Jackson, the vast majority of conservatives and libertarians in Hollywood choose to remain silent over fears of discrimination by an industry known for its liberal-leanings.

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