August 12, 2010


Concerned citizens in Wichita, Kansas, have informed that city’s public officials about a poster campaign designed to inform the public about the health hazards of water fluorination.

“We know the truth. And we are growing our numbers,” writes Travis W. Crank. “You will be forced to answer the increasing number of inquiries to your offices which will result — and shall escalate until the day that it is stopped and independent testing results show that your fluoridation operation has been withdrawn from this area altogether,” he writes in an open letter addressed to Sedgwick County public servants and members of the Wichita City Council.

This sort of direct action stands as an example that should be taken up by activists around the country in the struggle to rid our drinking water of the deadly neurotoxin. Crank’s open letter, an email thread, and details about the poster campaign follow:

Fluoridation of the Public Water Supply – Open Letter to County ‘Officials’

Transcript of E-mail Thread:

To Sedgwick County Public Servants / Wichita City Council Members:

Ladies & gentlemen – You will begin to notice a number of signs being placed throughout the city in order to inform the public of what is being deliberately pumped into the municipal water supplies. The fact that sodium fluoride (and other chemicals) is a very dangerous substance is well established. It has no business in our drinking water. Both the City of Wichita and Derby both concede that flouride is an additive, meant to prevent tooth decay and nothing could be further from the truth. This long-time deception will end – regardless of any federal incentives that have made this operation so appealing to the elected ‘officials’.

Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin were among the first leaders to use low-dosage water fluoridation as a means to subdue the general public, make concentration camp inmates more docile & to reduce fertility. In the modern age, water fluoridation is merely one method that is being used to take the ‘teeth’ out of the freedom movement in this nation.

We know the truth. And we are growing our numbers.

Signs will continue to be placed on a continual basis by an increasing number of activists in the area, in order to inform the public of the truth and to rally public inquiry. This operation will continue for some time and for as long as necessary, well in advance of any official proceedings that we will petition for – when we feel the time is right. By that time, you will have been inundated with telephone calls from an angry citizenry that demand to know why this is happening – and has been happening for over a decade.

More than just a blatant warning on the front side of these posters; upon being torn down, the citizen is then presented with definitive proof on the back side of these publications. Photographs of fluoride chemical bags & other technical data – including the City’s own ‘Water Poisoning Report’.

You will be forced to answer the increasing number of inquiries to your offices which will result – and shall escalate until the day that it is stopped and independent testing results show that your flouridation operation has been withdrawn from this area altogether.

That is all for now. I would recommend that the public servants of the great City of Wichita stop fluoridation on their own accord, and well in advance of future legal proceedings. Times have changed. And we are now pushing back. The great people of this state and city will do the bulk of the work for us as we lead them further down the rabbit hole.

Have a great day.
Travis W. Crank

From: James Gragg
Sent: Tue 8/10/2010 2:16 PM
To: Masked
Subject: Money Saving Idea

To the members of the Sedgwick county commissioners,

Please see below, a quick survey (short list) of several clinical studies concerning the use of fluorides in drinking water. In a time when money is so tight, it would be a prudent measure to discontinue to fluorinate our tap water. The various medical problems, caused by this public medication program, causes an additional burden on our medical services – which continues to add to the cost for all of us for these services. I should enlighten you, that 98% of European countries “outlaw” fluorination of public tap water. There is a reason. I am not speaking about “calcium” fluoride, which is a “naturally occurring” mineral, but to the industrial waste product, known as “sodium” fluoride (from the pesticide & aluminum industries), which is being added to our public water supply. This “source,” contains lead, mercury, barium and many other toxic industrial waste by-products. And if the county derives its additives “source” from China, that’s an entirely different, and MORE hazardous source.

I don’t know how much actual money the county could save (a portion to be sure) in directly discontinuing to fluoridate the public water supplies, but the citizens of this county would be healthier for it (for sure), and that will help to reduce some of the demand on county’s medical services, which should be seen as an indirect savings to the community at large.

Thank you for your time and consideration. Documentation of Clinical Studies & Other Data Follows

James Gragg
Wichita, KS

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