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February 13, 2008


JC911Truth founder, director and organizer, Glenn Zarmanov was recently harassed on the American-Canadian border for his possession of fliers that prompt the reader to demand a new investigation and DVDs with similar content. While traveling on a visit to Montreal, Quebec, Zarmanov encountered hostility when a border-patrol agent remarked that the fliers and discs could be considered "objectionable material" and might be confiscated. Zarmanov was allowed into the country with his property, but was warned not to bring such material on subsequent visits. Zarmanov was questioned rigorously on his intentions for smuggling paper and plastic into Canada.

As if a thorough search of the vehicle in which the activist was traveling were not enough, the border-guard in question added insult to injury by stating:

"That sh*t [9/11 Truth] don’t fly in Canada" and

"You are not welcome here. Americans are second-rate travelers."

In retrospect, Zarmanov should have taken this opportunity to file a complaint against the officer, resulting in his immediate demotion or removal. This kind of sheer contempt for people who offer positive change in the face of demoralizing evil is reprehensible and should be addressed. Had Zarmanov captured this particular officer’s behavior on audio/video, there would be no doubt a national scandal concerning the treatment of certain "unpalatable" information as contraband.

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