Nearly 60 illegal immigrants at a detention center in San Diego have been diagnosed with flu cases after being transferred from an overcrowded facility in Texas.

San Diego County Public Health Officials reported Wednesday there have been 59 cases of “influenza-like illness” among illegals from Central America who were transferred to California from Texas on May 19.

Some 82 illegals are being quarantined at hotels, while others are being housed in a former San Diego County courthouse converted in January.

The illegals arrived from an overcrowded facility in McAllen, Texas, which stopped receiving people after a flu-related death at the facility caused by an outbreak earlier this month forced them to shut down for cleaning.

The death was that of a 16-year-old Guatemalan boy who died from the flu while in Border Patrol custody in the Rio Grande Valley.

The facility is currently still overcrowded, housing 8,000 illegal immigrants – twice the number it was meant to hold.

A Border Patrol union representative earlier this month reported agents are contracting illnesses, taking sick time and coming into work sick more than any time before.

And the steady flow of illegal immigrants shows no sign of stopping.

Just Thursday, Border Patrol officials in El Paso confirmed they’d caught a group of over 1,000 migrants – all from Central America – “the largest ever encountered by the Border Patrol,” reports NBC News.


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