No one reaches power by chance. When men were pater familias, thus having power and responsibility at home, they could only reach this position after having grown beyond the boyish, parents-dependent position.

Just as small children develop the ability—or power—to walk by wavering on feet, boys of before learned to be men, before a rite of passage made them so.

Those who occupy positions of power manage to keep these because they satisfy particular and, more often than not, untold conditions. Some of these may seem obvious: the strong man who can lift a lot and brawl without being at immediate risk of serious injury can also put himself in a variety of situations that scrawnier individuals will rather avoid. Other times the domination is subtler, as in the case of women toying with male desire, managing to keep men unsure but still hoping and willing to pursue them. Likewise, a particularly wealthy individual may seem obviously “powerful” when he buys what you can’t, yet an opaque administration that hides who decides to pay for what and how much is far more dangerous.

This piece is about how the current elite manages to dominate us and maintain its position. A variety of factors is involved, which makes any simplistic explanation deceptive and illusory. Nonetheless, and even if they have to be smart, they are not that smart. Behind the smokescreen of “it’s too complex for you” and other showbiz society deception are stuff you can find in mainstream history or personal improvement books.

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