A 3-year-old girl fell from a human smuggler’s ladder Sunday as a large group of immigrants illegally entered the US through Arizona.

Surveillance footage out of the Yuma Border Patrol sector shows the moment several illegal aliens from Guatemala traversed an outdated 16-foot border wall section.

Amid the criminal entry, coyotes also attempted to smuggle a small female child, who ended up with injuries after she fell off the ladder used to climb the barrier.

“Agents rendered aid to the child who sustained minor injuries,” according to Arizona Border Patrol representatives who apprehended the illegals.

The footage comes amid news that Customs and Border Protection personnel will be receiving backpay following a partial government shutdown that left many workers furloughed.

Despite agreeing to temporarily end the longest government shutdown in US history, President Trump has not relented in his efforts to fulfill his 2016 campaign promise to build a wall at the southern border with Mexico. The government will shut down again on February 15 if Democrats and Republicans fail to reach a deal to secure the border.

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