11 people died Friday and another six were injured after a disgruntled employee at the Virginia Beach Municipal Center opened fire, shooting a police officer in the process.

The suspect was described as a “longtime public works city employee,” by WAVY News.

Police say the officer shot sustained non-life threatening injuries as a result of the bulletproof vest he was wearing.

The suspect, who has not yet been identified, died at the scene. Police Chief Jim Cervera confirmed Friday he was shot by police after opening fire on officers.

The shooting is the worst tragedy to occur in Virginia Beach, according to Mayor Bobby Dyer.

“This is the most devastating day in Virginia Beach history,” the mayor said. “The people involved are our friends, coworkers, neighbors and colleagues.”

Police confirmed an active shooter event around 4:45 PM Friday, leading to a lockdown of the facility.

“An employee who works in the building told WAVY’s Tamara Scott that he and several other people were able to safely leave the building after reports of an active shooter,” reported WAVY. “He says he found a woman inside a stairwell covered in blood.”

More on this as it develops…

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