Google-owned YouTube changed their search algorithm last week to suppress criticism of Disney’s “Captain Marvel” before its release on March 8th.

From The Verge on Friday:

If you searched “Brie Larson” on YouTube a couple of days ago, the top search results were calls for a boycott of Captain Marvel, and angry rants about Larson’s involvement in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With one small change, YouTube made all of that disappear.

This week, YouTube recategorized “Brie Larson” as a news-worthy search term. That does one very important job: it makes the search algorithm surface videos from authoritative sources on a subject. Instead of videos from individual creators, YouTube responds with videos from Entertainment Tonight, ABC, CBS, CNN, and other news outlets first.

The algorithmic news tool was first rolled out in October 2017…

You can see their purge in action here:

Here’s those images:

In less than two years time they’ve gone from “we must suppress crisis actor conspiracy theories” to “we must suppress negative movie critiques of Disney propaganda films.”

Words have become redefined by the left over time. Owen Benjamin breaks down how that shapes reality and takes your calls!

Rotten Tomatoes last month similarly conducted a purge of all negative reviews of the film made by the public before the film’s release and even redesigned one of the core functions of their website.

Google now regularly changes search results in response to liberal journos’ complaints:

In December 2018, Google CEO Sundar Pichai claimed in sworn testimony before congress that “we don’t manually intervene on any particular search result.”

Not only is Google manually intervening to suppress anti-establishment voices on the right and the left for their First Amendment-protected political views, but now they’re intervening to suppress negative movie critiques to secure film industry profits.

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