Keith Johnson
Revolt of the Plebs
June 4, 2010

The left’s anti-war movement was in full swing during the Bush administration—but as soon as Obama took office—it practically vanished from sight.  All of a sudden, the war in Afghanistan became chic.  Code Pink and other leftist groups justified US occupation as a crusade to liberate the repressed Afghan women from their male-chauvinist pig husbands.  While the rest of us stood fast and rightly pointed to historical examples of why the US cannot expect to win a war in Afghanistan, the Obamanoids responded with a resounding “yes we can!’

Bringing Western feminism to the women of Afghanistan is the latest despicable tactic being tried by the US military in this ‘graveyard of empires.’

Currently, 45 female Marines are deployed throughout Afghanistan as members of full time ‘female engagement teams’.  It’s an experiment that is part of General Stanley McChystal’s counter-insurgency campaign to “win over” (divide and conquer) the “hearts and minds” of the Afghan people.  These women accompany all-male foot patrols in the war-torn regions of the Hemland Province in southern Afghanistan, including Marja and other hot spots.  Their job is to reach out and connect with the Afghan women, who are culturally off-limits to American men.  McChrystal’s theory is that you can’t expect to swing the population to your side if you only speak to half of it.

Recently, The New York Times did a very loving spread with the heartwarming title ‘In Camouflage or Veil, a Fragile Bond.’ The piece included interviews with the lady Marines accompanied by a slide show of the girls holding smiling toddlers, drinking tea with Afghan women, making small talk and doing all of those other things that girls like to do.

Marine Corporal Dana Drew is one of those Marines.  As a ploy to cozy up to the reluctant women, she often approaches children as they are playing outside their homes.  Armed to the teeth and dressed in combat fatigues, Corporal Dana often has a hard time convincing the kids that she really is a woman.  To prove it, she pulls out a photograph from home:  Her hair is down and she’s lounging in a chair with a cat on her lap.  She explains, “It’s a little game I play with the kids to break the ice and show them: ‘See, I’m a girl’.” This gets the kids excited.  They run home and show the picture to Mommy, who Dana hopes will be curious enough to sneak a peek outside and open up an opportunity for a meet and greet.

Elsewhere, Captain Emily Naslund gets to know her new BFF—a midwife in Now Zad—during an intimate family dinner.  They get to talkin’ and the Muslim woman asks “Do you ever fast?”

“Sometimes, when I think I’m getting fat,” replies Capt Naslund.  “American men like skinny girls.”

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In Abdul Ghayas, Corporal Lisa Gardner finds herself with five ailing Afghan women who will not let American male medical officers anywhere near them.

“Some of these women would rather die than be touched by a male,” she says. “So, we’ll diagnose by proxy.”

By the end of the day, an Afghan woman was trusting enough to hand her baby to Gardner to take to the medical officer, who diagnosed digestive problems from a diet of sheep and goat milk.

Wow, doesn’t that just tug at your heartstrings?

What is the mainstream media trying to convince us of?  That these brave women soldiers are just there to help a bunch of ignorant savages who are making bad food choices?   Yeah…that’s what they’re trying to tell us.

What they won’t tell you is why these poor women have to feed their children sheep and goat milk.   It’s because we’re bombing the hell out of their villages, contaminating their water supplies, killing their livestock and devastating their crops to make room for the burgeoning opium and marijuana trade, an oil pipeline and future military installations to be used in later adventures into bordering Iran and Russia. The women of Afghanistan make due with what they can get their hands on—something neither Captain Naslund nor Corporals Drew and Gardner can even relate to.  These Afghan women don’t have the luxury of popping a Stouffer’s macaroni-and-cheese dinner into the micro-wave for four minutes during a commercial break for CSI: Miami.  For them, every day is a struggle to survive.

The Pentagon press sure knows how to play the American people.  We aren’t privy to the disturbing images of night raids, assassinations of families or the leveling of entire villages.  Instead, we’re offered the morning after pictures of defeminized girls handing out band-aids and aspirins for bullet wounds and hepatitis.

What makes these fluff pieces so utterly disgusting is the portrayal of these she-warriors being on some sort of humanitarian mission of peace.  The true objective of their mission is something entirely different.

A CBS Special Report from January gets closer to the truth:

The Marines wear headscarves as a sign of respect. Their efforts have been rewarded. Afghan women have proved to be good intelligence sources, providing tips on weapons caches and hidden bombs. They’re also more open to the military’s humanitarian side, which helps stabilize the region with programs that promote health, hygiene and education.

The military’s “humanitarian side” is a front for intelligence operations and these women are nothing more than undercover agents who will ultimately betray those whom they pretend to befriend.  It’s only a matter of time before they too are off limits to the Afghan women.

Imagine what goes through the mind of an Afghan woman when she learns that her western counterpart only fasts when she wants to lose weight.  The Afghan woman cries when she can’t get enough food to eat while our American woman cries when she’s eating too much.  Try and bridge that gap.

So, what is the ultimate fate of these rural Afghan people?  If the US military gets their way, they will be driven off their land and relocated into cramped cities dominated by wealthy drug lords.  They will be rationed food but will have an abundant supply of western television programs designed to break up their families and turn their girls into prostitutes who drink and dress like Lindsay Lohan.  Meanwhile, the boys will work for the local narcotics king pin while fantasizing about landing a recording contract so he can rap about growing up on the mean streets of Kabul.  Dad will be removed from the home after he is arrested in a street protest, leaving Mom at home to watch endless reruns of The Real Housewives of Orange County.

This is what the people of Afghanistan fear: that their 3000-year-old culture will be corrupted by western secularism.  That’s why they hate us, and that’s why they fight so hard.

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