The writer behind a cuckold fetish movie who has also faced accusations of promoting sexual themes in a children’s television show joked about turning Nickelodeon into the “Kinc” network.

In a deleted Facebook post, Jonathan C. Butler wrote, “Hi kids! Great news! Nickelodeon’s “nick” logo is changing to “kinc”. Look out for new shows like “SpongeBob Latex Pants” and “SubBoy and DomDom”!

The latter title is a reference to “dominance sex” or sadomasochism. The post is incredibly disturbing since Butler is the head writer behind Nickelodeon’s Bella and the Bulldogs, currently in its second season, which critics have asserted promotes cuckold fetish themes to its pre-teen audience.

As we detailed in depth yesterday, the controversy started when it was revealed that Butler had written a movie entitled The Cuckold, in which the fetish of black men having sex with white women while their humiliated white husbands watch is explored.

A campaign to have Nickelodeon cancel Bella and the Bulldogs was then launched off the back of claims that the show features scenes and symbolism that make reference to the cuckold theme. Gawker and other leftist news outlets dismissed the issue, claiming it was merely an obsession shared by “Internet racists”.

The plot of Bella and the Bulldogs includes a running theme where an athletic black character named Troy is romantically successful with the lead white female character, while a weakling white boy called Newt plays the role of her beta orbiter, constantly failing to win her heart.

The show also features a number of disturbing scenes, such as when Bella is blindfolded and led to a basement initiation where she is ordered to slap a bull, despite the fact that the team’s mascot is a bulldog. In cuckold subculture, the “bull” refers to the black man whose role it is to have sex with the white husband’s wife. Another scene shows Bella standing in front of a black man with a poster behind her that shows a white baby crossed out.

The #CancelBella campaign also points out that soon after the controversy arose, Butler, “shut down his Mythological Beast production company website and altered The Cuckold’s summary on IMDB (Internet Movie Database) to make it sound more innocuous, removing references to a sexual race war and “primal vengeance”.

Butler also deleted a number of cuckold fetish porn stars that were featured amongst his Facebook ‘likes’.

“The interracial cuckold fetish is rooted in the degradation of all parties involved,” states the text on the petition to have the show removed. “The black male is objectified and dehumanized as an animal (bull) while the white male is humiliated and denied gratification. The wife degrades herself by having adulterous sex with an “animal”. References to such an abusive and psychologically violent fetish clearly have no place in a children’s television show.”

Campaigners are calling for Nickelodeon to cancel the show, fire Butler and issue an apology to their viewers. A graphic summary of the accusations created by the group can be viewed below.


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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison

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