With market mayhem widespread on both sides of the pond following a referendum vote for Britain to leave the European Union (EU), the full extent of the carnage remains to be seen. The widespread hysteria and effect on the British pound solicits comparisons to Britain’s so-called “Black Wednesday,” when the pound was withdrawn from the European Exchange Rate Mechanism, a forerunner to the EU.

The “Brexit” vote prompted some to call Friday Britain’s “Black Friday.” For a little historical perspective, here’s a look at other “black” financial days from the past:

  • Black Friday: The originator of the term, Black Friday occurred September 24, 1869, when gold speculators collapsed the gold market, crashing the stock market as well.
  • Black Tuesday: The market fell dramatically on October 29, 1929, heralding the beginning of the Great Depression.
  • Black Monday: The biggest one-day stock market drop ever on October 19, 1987, when the Dow Jones slipped more than 22 percent.

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