Fans of the Alex Jones Facebook page reported being unable to see a live Facebook Mentions video regarding the rise of Donald Trump.

According to reports, normal notifications for the live video did not appear to alert page subscribers.


The video’s view count, which is normally three to four times higher, also corroborates complaints from users.

The video has since been uploaded to the Alex Jones Channel on YouTube.

“On this Facebook mentions we received several comments about the video being unable to to be shared and they had to go to the original video,” the description reads.

Interestingly, just last week contractors for Facebook revealed they had been given the ability to blacklist trending topics – a practice they implemented on a “daily basis.”

According to one such employee, trends not being covered by “at least three traditional news sources” could be removed from the website’s trending news bar.

The contractors also say they avoided highlighting conservative outlets in favor of websites on a “preferred” list produced by Facebook.

A report from last month also showed how Facebook employees asked Mark Zuckerberg whether they should attempt to stop a potential Donald Trump presidency.

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