Daily Mail
October 11, 2011

Nighttime deer poachers beware – that shadowy creature on the side of the road may just be remote-controlled.

State wildlife officials across the U.S. have for several decades been rolling out roadside robot decoys to nab unscrupulous hunters, and the effort has paid off with hundreds of citations.

A robotic deer decoy used in Georgia had to be replaced in 2006 after being shot more than 1,000 times. 

Amy Canning, spokesman for the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, said: ‘It’s a time of year when some Utahns can’t resist the sight of a big buck on the side of the road – even if shooting hours are over for the day.’

Utah’s five DWR regions now each have their own robot decoys, which are deployed in various spots along roadways where deer often gather or where poachers have been a problem in the past.

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