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January 17, 2014

The subject video covers an undercovered story on the missing German gold. Back in the 1950′s Germany, along with several other nations sent their gold to the U.S. Federal Reserve. Several months ago, Germany asked that some of their gold be returned. The Fed refused. Germany then asked to inspect the gold. Again the Fed refused.

So what would you think? I would think they don’t have it. I would suspect they stole it. Of course those in Germany and other nations aren’t stupid. If there are any shenanigans going on, some in positions of power in those nations have to be in on it. Now, with at least 20 years of manipulation in the gold and silver markets, the chickens are coming home to roost. You can’t do this forever and you can’t keep it a secret forever.

There have been many stories on major banks selling gold and silver they don’t have. That’s what keeps the market depressed. Sooner or later ( and I think it’s sooner ), even the conspiring nations will expose this to deflect blame from themselves. This is, still another, nail in the “dollar coffin”. It is the hubris of those multinational bankers that will do them in. In the meantime, I’d be buying gold and silver.

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