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Posted April 26, 2010

Two We Are Change veterans in Colorado get the opportunity to ask Madeleine Albright some real questions.

Bin Laden in the Balkans

From the ‘The Washington Times’ June 22, 2001

“The rebels would have their big brothers in America – the same heroes who led the NATO mission against their enemies, the Serbs – believe that the violence they are now perpetrating in Macedonia is merely about protecting minority rights. But the National Liberation Army (NLA), a splinter of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), also has another motive: It is fighting to keep control over the region’s drug trafficking, which has grown into a large, lucrative enterprise since the Kosovo war. In addition to drug money, the NLA also has another prominent venture capitalist: Osama bin Laden. The Muslim terrorist leader, according to a document obtained by The Washington Times and written by the chief commander of the Macedonian Security Forces, puts out the front money for the rebel group through a representative in Macedonia: ‘This person is representative of Osama Ben laden sic , who is the main financial supporter of the National Liberation Army, where up to date he has paid $6 million to $7 million for the needs of the National Liberation Army.'”

“Polish Press Reports On Training Of Mujahideen In Bosnia

“From Tanjug, 12/16/97

“Intelligence services of the Nordic-Polish SFOR Brigade suspect that a center for training terrorists from Islamic countries is located in the Bocina Donja village near Maglaj in Bosnia, Warsaw daily Rzecspospolita writes on Tuesday.

Islamic Terror in Kosovo: The Bosnian connection

By Brendan O’Neill
Saturday, 7 July 2007

Far from being radicalised by the failure of the west to act, large numbers of Muslims were radicalised by western intervention in the Balkans. Brendan Simms is right to argue that today’s Islamo-nihilism has its origins in the civil war in Bosnia. But he is way off the mark when he says it was the failure of the west, and in particular Britain, to intervene on behalf of the Bosnian Muslims that radicalised Muslims in Britain and elsewhere.

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