Stunning security video has emerged of what appears to be a Tesla Model 3 flying into a parking lot at what appears to be at least 50 or 60 miles per hour and crashing into several parked cars, before what appears to be flipping over in mid-air. 

The video surfaced on Weibo and shows about 15 seconds of security footage where a vehicle flies through a lowered parking lot gate at a breathtaking rate of speed before wrecking violently.

“The car lost control, suddenly accelerated, failed to brake, and crashed,” a translated version of the Weibo post says.

It goes on to say the driver – who had 10 years experience in driving – was rescued for 7 hours after the crash and had to receive a blood transfusion as a result of their injuries.

“Autopilot was not turned on and the brakes were stepped on,” a translated version of the post claims.

The poster on the Weibo board also wrote (translated):

“I said before there will definitely be similar things in the future. Because now the sales volume is up, the base will be bigger! There are exactly the same accidents abroad!”

You can watch the video here:

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