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Alex Jones Show: Permanent Shutdown of America Enacted; Elections Cancelled Unless America Rises Up Now

Globalists are exploiting a pandemic to disrupt America’s economic rebirth – but here’s what you can do to help yourself and your family

Tune in as we cover the real agenda behind the extended lockdowns, particularly as globalists take advantage of the pandemic to regain economic control over the US and other countries. Please share this link and watch below:

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David Knight Show: The Little Emperors Have Lost Their Pandemic

As the COVID-19 scare begins to die down, politicians may not want to give up their newfound power.

On this Wednesday broadcast of The David Knight Show, we’ll examine how falling death and hospitalization rates will alter the authoritarian agendas of American politicians and judges. Will these tyrants “allow” society to return to normal or will they be unwilling to give up their newfound power?

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