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AND stay tuned for American Countdown tonight, Monday-Thursday 7-9PM CT, hosted by constitutional attorney Robert Barnes.

Alex Jones Show – Breaking: AP Confirms Covid-19 Came Out of Wuhan Bioweapons Lab

Infowars & Alex Jones reported this in early February, and are vindicated AGAIN – Watch live for latest, bombshell developments

After the mainstream media vilified Infowars and Zero Hedge for suspecting that Covid-19 came out of a Wuhan bioweapons lab, the corporate press is now pointing out that’s correct instead of simply parroting Chinese government propaganda:

David Knight Show: Now Is The Time That Tests Men’s Souls – Liberty Taken Back Or Liberty Lost

Are you ready to stand up for America?

On this Thursday broadcast of The David Knight Show, you’ll receive an alternative take on today’s news cycle.

As protests erupt around the country, many citizens are demanding the economy “open up,” but what about restoring other freedoms as well?

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