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Tune In: Trump Impeachment Trial Begins, But It’s Up to Americans to Embrace Liberty

America isn’t just about one man. Trump isn’t the only person in the arena. YOU are, too. Share this link!

The political pathways are becoming more self-evident as internationalists try to keep their hold on the future of America. But it’s now up to Americans to decide if they want to embrace self-determination and the right to choose for themselves the future of their own country. Trump isn’t the only person in the arena. YOU are, too. YOU are the resistance to unelected globalism. Be the next Paul Revere by sharing this link to warn others about what’s going wrong in the country and how we can right the ship peacefully and lawfully:

David Knight Show: Northam’s Order Challenged & Prohibition After 100 Years

The blackface governor who advocates murdering children post-birth also wants to take your guns
On this Friday broadcast of The David Knight Show, you’ll learn about the Second Amendment battle brewing in Virginia and how the prohibition of alcohol 100 years ago provides a lesson America can still learn from.

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