DeAnna Lorraine and Owen Shroyer break down the latest on the 2020 campaign trail on this LIVE Thursday edition of Election Countdown, coming to you weekdays from 7-9PM CT.

War Room: Democrat Terrorists Shoot Police, Attack Women During Breonna Taylor Riots

Radical leftists waging war on America – watch live!

Tune in to the War Room with Owen Shroyer weekdays from 3-6 CST.

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Alex Jones Show: Sen. Rand Paul Defines BLM & Other Soros Fronts as Terror Organizations

Tune in as the fight for liberty goes worldwide! Will you allow multinational, secretive organizations to control your life?

Watch Sen. Rand Paul during Thursday’s Senate committee hearing below:

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David Knight Show: Breonna Taylor Indictment Riots Are Rent-A-Riots – Who’s Funding Them?

Watch and share this banned broadcast to help save free speech

On this Thursday transmission of The David Knight Show, we’ll examine the players behind the riots taking place across the nation as George Soros, Twitter’s Jack Dorsey and others are being connected to groups funding these chaotic events.



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