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Alex Jones Show: Red Alert! Red Alert! Red Alert! Democrats Publicly Announce Coup Plot Against President Trump

Actions already triggering constitutional crisis, civil war, possible collapse of dollar. Share this MUST-WATCH Friday live broadcast now!

Start your weekend informed with the most banned broadcast in the world:

Watch Democrats confess to stealing the 2020 election below:

In their own words, corrupt Democrats confess to how they will use to steal the 2020 election!

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David Knight Show: “2nd COVID Wave” Approaching?

The establishment is preparing to unleash a manufactured second wave of COVID-19.

On this Friday transmission of The David Knight Show we’ll cover the following topics.

-Pfizer Chief Science Officer says virus is over
-Lockdown 2 escalates worldwide
-Masks Off? Uniformed thugs in USA begin arrests
-RBG funeral & legacy—uncomfortable truths
-Media freaks about Electoral College electors. What does the Consitution say?

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