Video posted online last week appears to show a Dutch woman’s webcam being remotely controlled by hackers.

Rilana Hamer, who recently purchased the internet-connected device to monitor and speak with her dog from work, posted footage to Facebook Saturday showing the hacker’s speaking through and moving the device.

“For a moment, I thought I was going crazy,” Hamer said, according to a translation of her social media post. “I come home and do my daily things. Shopping and cleaning these up, singing through your house… until you hear something mess in the living room.”

Upon entering the living room, Hamer says she then noticed the webcam moving, initially assuming the device was updating itself before a voice suddenly emerged.

“All of a sudden, I hear a rumble… I’m going crazy?! No…” Hamer said. “I walked there, the camera turned my way, and I heard, ‘Bonjour madame.'”

Hamer says the camera followed her left and right and continue talking to her in French.

“I ran to the camera, pulled the plug and threw it in a box… I was full of fear and thought I was going crazy,” the woman added. “I’m being watched, but for how long? What did that person see from me? My house, my personal effects…”

“In 1 minutes, it was hit…” Hamer noted.

The unknown hacker’s final comments to the woman included numerous profanities and lewd remarks.

“We pulled the plug and put the camera back in the box… Crying, upset…” Hamer said. “My privacy, my house, my personal stuff and myself… I’m scared… terrified.”

Although it’s unclear how the hackers compromised the camera, internet-connected devices often use the same username and password across models and fail to receive security updates.

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