We have suggested that the next phase of the COVID-19 pandemic will likely be a “flare-up of social unrest across major Western cities as millions have lost their jobs,” and the global economy has plunged into depression.

We said that about three weeks ago, and now with warmer weather trends across the West, people are hangry and tired of quarantines, have left their homes to mobilize in the streets to protest the government’s stay-at-home orders.

Across America this weekend (April 18-19), pro-Trump supporters who saw the “greatest economy ever” crash in front of their eyes within weeks, were at various state capitol buildings, demanding their respective state governments lift quarantine orders.

Now we’re beginning to learn that protests weren’t limited to the US but were also seen in Europe, more specifically in central Berlin.

Hundreds of people defied lockdown orders on Saturday, furious that the German government was headed for “authoritarian rule.” RT News said the protest was met with “a strong police response.”

About 300 protestors assembled on the Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz square in Germany’s capital on Saturday afternoon to rally against the government’s lockdown measures. Many people did not abide by social distancing rules, such as wearing masks and staying 6 feet apart from one another, who were countered by dozens of armed police.

RT points out that one protester held a sign that said, “vaccination is terrorism,” referring to how Europeans will likely be required to get a COVID-19 vaccine once developed.

Europeans are also furious that immunity cards will likely be required to travel or even go out of the house.

The rally also saw several fights break out between protesters and police, with some folks detained and hauled away in police vans.

And now it might make sense why many countries in the West have already called up their militaries, due to the threat of social unrest unfolding with warmer weather trends ahead.

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