Following a tip from a local source, Infowars traveled to the US-Mexico border, near the Anzalduas International Bridge where we encountered a group of more than 20 illegal immigrants who had just reached the US mainland.

One of the immigrants, “José,” said the group – consisting mainly of women, young girls and boys and an infant – was traveling together from El Salvador, and seemed confident they would soon arrive at their final destination.

But José also asked our reporters for water, explaining the group was tired, having traveled two months to reach their current point, with many appearing visibly exhausted.

José also seemed distraught to learn the city they had in mind, Houston, Texas, was nearly 400 miles from where they stood.

The group of El Salvadorans left just as quick as Infowars had encountered them, continuing down winding South Texas dirt roads in the middle of the summer heat.

Our reporters later informed a Texas Game Warden and a US Border Patrol agent about the location of the group, but the spontaneous encounter underscores the massive scale of the immigrant surge, with agents spread so thin journalists are now having to take up the slack.

Below: National Border Patrol Council Local 3307 Vice President Chris Cabrera breaks down the current immigrant influx and the need to tighten border security.

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