Media analyst Mark Dice has liberals in Southern California convinced that Donald Trump is coming for their tampons.

In his latest man-on-the-street video, Dice reveals yet again just how easily people can be convinced of patently false claims so long as it backs up their political views.

“Donald Trump will ban tampons, many liberals fear, and only allow the sale of maxi pads…” the YouTube video description states.

Other than two females who immediately refuted the legitimacy of Dice’s claim, every other individual featured in the video fell for the satirical premise.

“I mean, every woman should have a right to own a tampon or get a tampon without a prescription,” one man says.

Those interviewed also agreed with Dice that Trump’s proposal exemplified yet another example of the “Republican’s war on women.”

“Hashtag tampon rights!” one woman said.

Dice also recently convinced Southern California liberals to endorse Republican Paul Ryan as Hillary Clinton’s vice president and Bernie Madoff as Bernie Sanders vice presidential pick.

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