Are vitamins really bad for you? Is drinking water giving you cancer? In our modern world, where so many variables exist within the chemical matrix of our food supply, the truth of the matter is that many ‘health’ studies are often quite deceiving.

I’ve been talking about the subject of such studies for years, because it’s such a key issue for me. Let’s use the example of vitamin studies to help you see why.

Time and time again we see scientists presenting ‘conclusive’ research on things like vitamins and minerals. One study will proclaim that vitamin E causes birth defects, while the next will say it helps fetal development. Where in the world are they getting their data?

The simple reality is that many scientific studies aren’t disclosing the quality and source of the substances they’re studying. One group may be studying synthetic vitamin E made in China for 1 cent, while another is examining food-based vitamin E created in GMP certified US labs.

Trust Me, There’s a Big Difference…

I’ve worked with supplement manufacturers for years, and I have plenty of horror stories you wouldn’t believe. The lack of care that many companies have when it comes to their raw material sourcing is absolutely disturbing, and it just goes to show how careful you have to be when it comes to purchasing supplements for you and your family. It also goes to show how studies can really trick you when it comes to the ‘effectiveness’ of many vitamins.

When it comes to cheap synthetic vitamin forms, which are often contaminated with metals and toxic substances when they’re made overseas, of COURSE you’re going to find a correlation between consumption and disease if you perform a long-term study. But if you’re using an organic-based source, it’s likely you’ll find some really important benefits.

That’s Just Part of the Trick

As I explain in more detail in the video above, ANYONE can make ANYTHING look bad via ‘scientific research’ if they really want to. I could proclaim that broccoli gives you cancer if I fed herbicide-drenched broccoli to rats for extended periods of time. Obviously, it’d be the herbicide causing the cancer (much like the contamination and low quality of the synthetic vitamins), but since it’s been declared to be ‘safe’ by the FDA, I can completely ignore that fact.

It must be the Broccoli

Do you see how this game is played a bit more clearly now? It’s becoming a lot more apparent worldwide, especially as organizations like the WHO are openly declaring Monsanto’s products to be cancer-causing.

The bottom line? Don’t base your life around the latest health study, but instead use your own intelligence and deep research to determine a natural life plan that works for you. After all, look at the latest study on cellphone radiation that finally admits it has been giving us cancer for decades.

Studies for years have been telling us that we’re perfectly safe, and the media has been calling you a ‘conspiracy theorist’ if you took measures to avoid cellphone use.

This post originally appeared at Natural Society

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