Press TV
Thursday, Oct 23, 2008

Tehran has warned that any attack on the country would be ‘insanity’ because in this case the war would be extended beyond Iran’s borders.

“Iran will not be confined to its borders in responding to any aggression against its territory,” Fars news agency quoted Brig. Gen. Mohammad-Baqer Zolqadr a senior military official, as saying on Wednesday.

He played down the threats made by Israel against Iran and said: “The Israeli regime is too weak to launch any attack on a great power like Iran.”

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Zolqadr added that all Muslim nations would back Iran against its enemies if a military action were launched against it.

“If aggressive powers wage a war against Iran, certainly they will not be able to determine when the war will end and it will be up to the Iranian nation to determine such a war’s outcome,” he noted.

“The Iranian nation has always proved that they will make history in defending their country against the enemies,” Zolqadr concluded.

The remarks were made at a time when the US and its allies are stepping up pressure against Iran over its nuclear activities. While the West has been accusing the country of developing nuclear weapons, Tehran maintains that its nuclear activities are aimed at civilian purposes.

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