A photograph of a man holding a Confederate flag outside the Phi Kappa Theta fraternity at the University of Missouri poses a threat, according to a university chancellor.

“Especially considering recent events in South Carolina concerning the Confederate flag, this photo may be considered offensive and possibly even threatening to some of our community members,” said Chancellor R. Bowen Loftin in a statement. “MU officials do not condone any activities that could threaten the safety of our community.”

The photo was tweeted on Sunday by Frat Scenery, a Twitter account that posts photos of universities around the country.

According to the Maneater the photo was taken around the time of a September 8, 2012 football game between the University of Georgia and the University of Missouri.

“Three of the five men in the photo are wearing Bulldogs apparel and a University of Georgia flag flies alongside the Confederate Navy Jack,” writes Quinn Malloy for the university publication.

Loftin did not specify how the flag might pose a threat.

As noted by Infowars.com people who own and display Confederate flags on their own property have been threatened.

On Monday an incident occurred in Moseley, Virginia while a family expressed their First Amendment right by waving the flag in their own driveway next to a busy highway. A man driving an SUV pulled into the driveway, took out his gun, chambered a round, pointed it at the family and started yelling.

The frenzy surrounding the Confederate flag increased after the South Carolina House gave legislative approval to remove the historic flag last week following the shooting in Charleston.

The NAACP has demanded the depiction of Confederate generals be removed from Stone Mountain in Georgia and has also called for Alabama to remove the symbol from uniforms and vehicles used by State Troopers.

Last month Amazon.com staff told customers the company was ordered by the federal government not to sell items featuring the Confederate flag.

Walmart, eBay, Sears and other retailers have announced they will no longer sell Confederate flag merchandise.

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