In the UK, it is now a crime to offend Muslims. Or even to think anti-Islam thoughts. Thanks to Paul Joseph Watson, we learned that Tommy Robinson, the former leader of the English Defense League (kind of like a Pam Geller with more tea) was arrested—to prevent him from attending a ‘Draw Mohammad’ cartoon meeting. No, he did not even attend the “Draw Mohammad” event… but he planned on it.

Now before you think we’re being conspiracy theorists you need to know that the British police did not deny the claim and Tommy Robinson himself validated it. This is real. This is actually happening. Watch Paul Joseph Watson report on it below:

At this point, is it at all overboard to say that the UK has officially created the “thought police”? It’s not hyperbole if it’s just a literal description, right? Tommy Robinson was arrested merely because he had the ‘Draw Mohammad’ event penciled into his calendar. That’s an arrest able offense?

As was pointed out in the video: Just compare that to how an ISIS flag being paraded about the streets was treated. Apparently, in Britain some forms of free speech are allowed, while politically incorrect thoughts, are not. The fact that this is happening in a Western country is shocking. Free speech has been dead in the UK for a long time. Now it seems that free thought is dead in the water.

Still think this couldn’t happen in the USA?

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