The latest purported threat jacking up the temperature in the ISIS War abroad and the propaganda battle at home is a claim by the Pentagon that the Islamic State is planning to kill the families of U.S. soldiers.

Fox News obtained an Army intelligence bulletin advising members of the military to be aware of the potential threat after IS militants used social media to call on supporters to find the addresses of family members and kill them.

One tweet suggested lone wolves use the “yellow pages” and social media to identify the addresses of military families, and to “show up [at their homes] and slaughter them.”

“Given the continued rhetoric being issued by ISIL’s media services and supporters through various social media platforms the ARTIC is concerned of the possibility of an attack,” the bulletin states. “Soldiers, Government Civilians and Family Members are reminded to be vigilant of their surroundings and report suspicious activities to their respective military or local law enforcement.”

“This document is a reminder to stay vigilant,” the Army said. “It provides renewed emphasis on force protection measures to ensure the safety and security of our DOD components, defense critical infrastructure, personnel and communities.”

The warning was issued by the Army Threat Integration Center.

As with other ISIS domestic terror plots, there is no intelligence to corroborate this most recent threat.

Despite any tangible evidence of an actual threat, the Pentagon insists the ISIS plot is real because al-Qaeda has an interest in increasing the cost of security in the United States.

The Islamic State, formerly ISIS, is not associated with al-Qaeda.

Ayman al-Zawahiri, the alleged leader of al-Qaeda, has condemned the U.S. trained and Saudi financed group.

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