Every time the stock market has a sizeable downdraft, President Trump blames the Federal Reserve or the Democrats.

And with Bernie Sanders’ win in Nevada still looming large over the market, and futures struggling to shake off yesterday’s brutal drop, the fact that Trump is back at it this morning is hardly a surprise.

In the past, Trump has warned that a Democratic “Clown” president would lead to a “1929”-style crash, coined the slogan “If you want stocks to fall, vote Democrat” and blamed the Dems for market “disruptions”.

Alex Jones breaks down the leftist political opportunists begging for a recession to use as an election platform as the DOW plummets, and Coronavirus spreads.

And this morning, the president is at it again, warning if he loses the upcoming presidential election, there will be a stock market crash “like you have never seen before.”

E-Mini S&P500 has erased all gains made during Asia hours and moved into the red since Trump’s comments.

With Sanders on track to secure the nomination in a nightmare for establishment Dems, we suspect we’ll be hearing this from Trump more frequently as we head into the summer.

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