Jason Ditz
Detroit Free Press
August 6, 2010

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The continuation of the war in Afghanistan, some nine years after the U.S. invasion, rests upon endlessly redefining the goals and purposes of the conflict. With the WikiLeaks documents providing growing evidence of the catastrophic state of the conflict, Time magazine has jumped in, as it so often has, with a story designed to convince Americans that the war must continue.

The cover of Time’s Aug. 9 edition features a shocking photo of an 18-year-old Afghan woman whose nose was brutally cut off by the Taliban. The stories associated with the photo assure us that this will be the fate of many, if not all, Afghan women if the U.S. does not continue its occupation ad infinitum.

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Of course using the canard of women’s rights as the justification for continuing this war is nothing new, but with the war growing more unpopular by the minute it is forcing war enthusiasts to ratchet up the rhetoric, and scare the American public, by hook or by crook, into abandoning their opposition to the conflict in the name of protecting human rights.

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