Patrick Henningsen
21st Century Wire
August 3, 2010

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Call it the Matrix, the Scientific Dictatorship, Transhumanism- or call it the Technocracy. No matter which name we give it, few can deny that today’s technology is advancing at an ever-increasing rapid clip, with most of us left on the sidelines playing the passive role of consumer and spectator. For ethicists and philosophers, however, it’s become a game of catch-up. So how does one navigate, let alone make sense of our new 21st century matrix?

Technology… it is all around us- some contend that we are literally bathing in it. Most of us spend our entire waking day inside a WiFi zone. But beyond the iPods, iPads, iPhones and the Bluetooths, further below the surface of this seemingly innocuous chapter in human evolution, there lurks a number of unseen forces and currents of change. One of these is a desire by a newly crowned technological elite or new Technocracy to impose, or ‘implement’ (depending on your vantage point) an increasing amount of new and far-reaching technologies on to the population at large. What is the Technocracy? Originally, it was an early 20th century movement which fell out of public favor, but its ideas haven’t died, they’ve merely migrated into other areas of the governing class and society. They are regrouping, and this new system, or matrix is now coming into view. But this time it’s not technocrats who will be leading the revolution… it’s the machines themselves.

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