Kurt Nimmo
December 21, 2011

Editor’s note: Judson Phillips’ post was forwarded to Infowars.com in an email. It was posted on the Tea Party Nation forum available only to registered users.

photoJudson Phillips, Tea Party Nation founder.

Judson Phillips, the founder of the for-profit company Tea Party Nation, has denounced Ron Paul as a liberal. “Ron Paul is not a conservative.  He is simply a cheap liberal,” writes Phillips on his website forum.

In order to make his point – and allude that Paul’s RINO presidential rivals are preferable – Phillips dredges up a post found on the DailyPaul.com, a website not connected to Ron Paul or his campaign. The post argues that Ron Paul supporters should disassociate themselves from the RINO-coopted Tea Party.

Phillips argues that Ron Paul is “one of the kings of pork in the House of Representatives” and cites the uber-liberal magazine Mother Jones to make his point.

Mother Jones and Phillips naturally exclude the fact that Ron Paul has tried to get a return on the money the taxpayers in his district are forced to hand over to the federal government. It is completely disingenuous for Phillips to argue that this makes Ron Paul a tax-and-spend liberal like his Democrat – and yes, Republican – colleagues in the House.

He continues his slander campaign by attempting to link Paul up with Code Pink, the false opposition front group funded by the globalist George Soros and the MacArthur Foundation, the latter with connections to the CIA.

“Ron Paul is not conservative nor is he a Republican.   He is just your typical anti-American liberal,” Phillips insists. “He is not a part of the Tea Party and the Tea Party should reject him and work hard to make certain he goes into a long overdue retirement.”

Judson Phillips is right on one count – Ron Paul is not part of the Tea Party, at least not part of the Tea Party represented by the for-profit Tea Party Nation and the Republican hijacked movement.

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Phillips should be discounted primarily on the fact he is a shameless snake oil salesman who has taken well-meaning Tea Party supporters to the cleaners.

He was behind the scam to fleece patriotic Americans taken in by his Tea Party convention in February 2010. Phillips charged $549 to attend the event promoted by the establishment propaganda outlet Fox News. Around 600 dupes fell for the scam. The American Liberty Alliance and other groups pulled out of the event in protest over the infrastructure of the Tea Party Nation and the way its finances “are channeled through private bank accounts and Paypal accounts.”

Kevin Smith, a former associate who helped create the Tea Party Nation, alleges that Phillips linked a PayPal account for Tea Party Nation merchandise to his wife’s bank account. Smith has a website up where he has posted screen-shots from PayPal that support his allegation.

The convention was denounced by Philip Glass, the national director of the National Precinct Alliance, who said his organization would no longer participate due to the inclusion of Tea Party Express and FreedomWorks. The latter is a creature of foundations, including the Sarah Scaife Foundation run by Richard Mellon Scaife, a known CIA operative. Both organizations function as front groups in the largely successful effort to turn a considerable swath of the formerly libertarian Tea Party into a cheering section for the Republican Party.

Another Tea Party Nation scam was cancelled in July of this year after the Venetian Casino Resort filed suit alleging that Judson’s enterprise was liable for unpaid bills of over a half-million dollars.

It is amazing the resort trusted Phillips – he has no less than three liens against him and a Chapter 7 bankruptcy under his belt.

Judson Phillips appears to be part of the establishment effort to discredit and slander Ron Paul now that he is poised to take the Iowa caucus early next month, a fact admitted by none other than the New York Times.

On the other hand, he may simply be a crank drawing attention to himself and his various merchandizing efforts. Either way, his neocon fulminations will likely not dissuade many people from supporting Ron Paul.

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