The common over-the-counter drug aspirin has been recommended as a preventative for heart attacks and strokes for years, and now a new study shows that it might actually stop cancerous tumors from growing. 

The study, conducted by US Department of Veterans Affairs, states that numerous reports have confirmed that aspirin can help reduce one’s risk for cancer, especially colorectal.

While they state it is not yet a mainstream treatment for the disease, they hope that as there is better understanding of how it works, it may be incorporated.

The VA study adds a new theory into how aspirin might stop the production of cancerous cells.

Aspirin prevents platelets from forming, which is beneficial to help stop blood clots for those at risk for a stroke.

Platelets are necessary to help your body heal after being cut, but too many of them forming within the body can have a dangerous affect.

And evidently, by stopping them from forming, it also “blocks the interaction” between platelets and cancer cells by shutting down the enzyme known as COX-1.

For the study, researchers used both over-the-counter aspirin and a new drug in development, known as Aspirin-PC/PL2200.

This new drug is combined with phosphatidylcholine, a type of lipid, or fat molecule and was originally designed to help minimize the effects of aspirin on the intestinal tract.

The research was published in the journal Cancer Prevention Research. 

Although there is currently no protocol for taking aspirin to prevent cancer, it is always recommended to take one a day to help prevent your risk of heart attack of stroke.

However, it is key that you speak to your doctor before beginning a regime of new drugs, even over the counter, to ensure that this is the appropriate action for you.

At present, there is no known date when the new Aspirin-PC/PL2200 might hit the market, but the scientists who worked on this study are optimistic that this might provide a cheaper and safer alternative for the public to prevent cancer in the long run.

If introduced to the market, it could be a major breakthrough for those wishing to keep themselves healthy without spending a fortune.

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