Amidst controversy over Donald Trump’s comments on Muslim immigration, a new study reveals that an astonishing 21 per cent of Syrians support ISIS.

Data journalist Max Galka collated a group of surveys conducted by Pew Research, Zogby, the Washington Institute, ORB International, CSIS, and ACRPS. The results were extremely disconcerting.

The figures show that a staggering 21 per cent of Syrians have a favorable view of ISIS. This means that as many as 4.6 million Syrian citizens, a portion of whom will be entering the west as refugees or have already done so, are sympathetic towards the goals of ISIS.

In addition, 14% of Nigerians support ISIS, while 13% of Tunisians have favorable views, along with 9% of Pakistanis and 8% of Turks.

In total, a figure in the region of 115 Muslims support ISIS according to the results of the study.

What’s almost equally stunning as the poll results is the fact that the Independent, a pro-immigration leftist newspaper, presented the figures in an effort to debunk Donald Trump’s argument that Muslim migrants pose a security threat.

In reality, the figures only underscore Trump’s argument, a point that wasn’t lost on the respondents to the Independent article.

“The utterly astonishing thing is that the Independent actually thought such horrifying figures would reassure people,” commented one individual.

“2% of Egypt’s population of approx 60 million is 1.2 million and that it the lowest figure on the poll. Add up the millions who support or favour ISIS and look at the total. This article is a whitewash of ISIS – who is The Independent trying to kid?” said Henry Tobias.

“A negligible 115 million people side with ISIL? Nothing to worry about, then,” added another.

The study correlates with a number of other surveys that reveal a disturbingly high level of support for ISIS amongst Muslims.

A poll conducted by ICM found that 16% of French citizens, the vast majority of them Muslim, support ISIS. Amongst young people aged 18-24, 27% of them support ISIS.

A survey conducted by the Al Jazeera Arabic television channel, whose audience mainly consists of Sunni Muslims living in the Arab world, found that 81% of respondents supported ISIS.


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