How do you strip the Libertarian Party of freedom, dignity and relevancy? That’s what two former RINO governors, Gary Johnson & William Weld, have done to the LP in their quest for the national spotlight.

First you remove respect for private property and become social justice warriors for the LGBT agenda. (Presidential nominee Johnson thinks that Jewish bakers should be coerced to bake cakes with Nazi slogans and Christian bakers should be coerced by government to bake cakes for homosexual weddings.)

Next you remove respect for the right of self-defense and remove respect for the Constitution that guarantees it. (Johnson’s hand-picked VP, former Massachusetts Gov Bill Weld was asked why he supported so many gun control measures as governor, including banning “assault weapons” and his reply was that those guns were not legitimate hunting guns.  No explanation on why he would prohibit gun ownership by anyone under 21.)

Finally you embrace open borders and corporate trade agreements that will consolidate power from the national level to a globalist governance. (In an interview shortly after getting the nomination, Weld said in an interview that Trump couldn’t do anything to Mexico because “NAFTA is the supreme law of the land” and we can’t do anything about trade with China because of the WTO.)

Johnson & Weld have nothing bad to say about Clinton & Sanders because they’re RINO Democrats who support globalism.  The Libertarian Party, who used to call themselves “the party of principle” has abandoned those principles in the hope that they can get some big donors from the Never Trump people and get on the government teat of matching funds if they reach 5% in the general election.

As Johnson prepared to run a second time on the LP ticket last October, he criticized Rand Paul saying, “Unfortunately, Rand, in his quest to have one foot in the libertarian camp and the other in the establishment Republican museum, has emerged with a vague mix of positions that is clearly not compelling.  There is a price to paid for selling out — and he is paying it.”

Yet where did Johnson go for his VP, but to the “establishment Republican museum”.  Mainstream media applauds, hoping his candidacy will harm Trump.  But what Johnson has done is to take the worst of both mainstream parties, creating is a “vague mix” of statism, authoritarianism and globalism that won’t be compelling to libertarians, conservatives, socialists nor camp followers of the major parties.

David Knight, Leeann McAdoo and clips of the candidates themselves, break down the LP’s descent into compromise.

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