Matt Cover
October 27, 2008

The U.S. stock market has lost 1,417 points–a decline of nearly $3 trillion in value–since President Bush signed into law a $700-billion financial industry bailout bill that was supported by both the Republican and Democratic presidential candidates.

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Last week, stock markets closed at a loss for the third straight week since the bailout’s enactment.

When Bush signed the bill Oct. 3, the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) Composite Index was valued at $14.3 trillion, closing at 7,088 points. The Composite Index, unlike the Dow Jones Index, is a look at how all stocks in the market are faring.

Over the last 14 trading days, the market has lost 1,417 points, worth nearly $2.9 trillion in value–roughly $214 billion per day. As of Thursday, Oct. 23, the market had fallen to 5,671 points, worth $11.4 trillion. By the close of the market on Friday, the index had fallen another 244 points, to 5,427–with the new estimate of total value not yet available.

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