CBS News reports St. Louis County police and prosecutors will decide the legality of openly displaying the weapons during a state of emergency declared Monday after violence in Ferguson.

In 2014 Missouri passed an open carry law allowing citizens to carry firearms.

Watch: Infowars interviews a St. Louis County police officer about the persecution of Oath Keepers:

Corporate Media Focuses on Infowars

Meanwhile, CBS News is concentrating on coverage by Alex Jones and

Jones’ website is well known for hosting inflammatory conservative rhetoric, and posting items that take an extreme view of current events. One of the headlines produced about the recent Ferguson unrest screams: “PROTESTERS DECLARE THEY ARE READY FOR WAR AS AMERICA’S IMPOVERISHED INNER CITIES THREATEN TO ERUPT.”

A sidebar on the page features a video about “sovereign citizens” and the article also mentions the Idaho-based neo-Nazi Aryan Nations and supremacist groups after the mention of Jones and Infowars.

The Washington Post also attempted to connect Jones and Infowars to the presence of Oath Keepers in Missouri. The Post reports an Oath Keeper

…derives many of his talking points from Alex Jones, a radio show host who runs the alternative news Web site and often gives space to the discontent coursing through the Oath Keepers movement. “I think the Oath Keepers is one of the best things to happen to America since the American revolution,” Jones wrote.”There are two camps of critics of Oath Keepers: the ignorant people who believe everything they read, and the cunning tyrants who want the treasonous and lawless federal government to march ahead unopposed.”

The media claims the Oath Keepers are in Ferguson to protect Infowars journalists and were specifically “hired” for this purpose.

Infowars reporter Joe Biggs who is in Ferguson said in a phone conversation this morning the Oath Keepers are in Ferguson to help local business protect their property from vandalism and looting.

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