Burlington College, which took on heavy debt during the tenure of Bernie Sanders’ wife, is closing down.

The closure of the liberal arts college in Vermont was blamed directly on Jane Sanders, who bankrupted the school as president from 2004 to 2011.

“Founded in 1972 as an informal gathering of students, Burlington College grew into a small, regionally accredited liberal arts college, but financial strain and academic probation created by an ambitious but ill-fated expansion under then-President Jane Sanders onto a new campus on prime waterfront land led to the school’s demise,” the Burlington Free Press reported.

Dean of Operations and Advancement Coralee Holm said it was impossible to pay back the debt from Sanders’ land deal.

“I believe the vision was enrollment would grow, which it did, but not at the level that would have allowed us to manage the financial debt we had incurred,” she said. “So here we are.”

Well, isn’t that hilarious: after Bernie Sanders spends his entire presidential campaign pushing “free college” for everyone by increasing the national debt, his wife bankrupts a college into oblivion through deficit spending.

“When a socialist runs a program, this is what happens when they can no longer steal money from the ‘greedy capitalists’ as they call them,” news commentator E.T. Williams said. “This is what happens when you put socialists in charge, just look at Venezuela.”

“Bernie keeps telling you how wonderful socialism is, but socialism only works if you run it alongside capitalism and steal from capitalists.”

Economics professor William L. Anderson echoed a similar sentiment.

“In Sanders’ world, entrepreneurs are parasites and employers are oppressors who seek to harm their employees, and wealth is defined by how much governments have in their treasuries,” he said. “If I could put the economics of Bernie Sanders into a nutshell, it would be this: Burden private enterprise with one directive after another, and then demonize it when it ultimately falls down under the awful weight of taxes, higher costs, and mandates.”

“While many people believe that instituting the Sanders economic agenda would help turn the USA into another Sweden or Denmark, the more likely outcome would be turning this country into another Venezuela.”

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